Recent Work: Hooray Weddings

Nicola and I had the pleasure of working with Derryn, CC & Christy on their new business project, Hooray Weddings. The trio of pro-photographers form a wedding-focused consulting team that offers a range of services from dress rental to stationary design, timeline planning and consulting for every little wedding-related question you might have. These ladies are passionate about connecting their brides with the perfect vendor and through years of being involved in the wedding industry, they have all the right contacts! Our job was simple – we brought their ideas to life in the form of branding/identity and a shiny new website to showcase their offerings – the idea was to create a light, contemporary look and feel and we love how it all turned out! Wishing Hooray Weddings much success!  Hooray-Weddings-Logo-cleverbirdbanterlHooray-Weddings-FB-cleverbirdbanterlHooray-Weddings-Bus-Card-cleverbirdbanter2Hooray-Weddings-website-cleverbirdbanter

Masabelaneni Initiative @ Caversham Centre

I recently posted about the beautiful hand printed fabric produced by Caversham Textiles, but what I also enjoyed about my first visit to their studio was discovering the Masabelaneni (“let us share“) community initiative which aims to support and inspire local youngsters through creative programmes, workshops and collaborative art projects.

Loved the beautiful work displayed in the center at Caversham, so much so that I bought a few treasures home with me!

cleverbirdbanter_masabelaneni_2 cleverbirdbanter_masabelaneni_3 cleverbirdbanter_masabelaneni_4

My purchases (below) included a trio of linocut prints on paper, yet to be framed; an awesome washing machine print peg bag, backed with vibey shwe shwe (too cool to hide in the kitchen, will be hanging it in my office to store craft bits or something!) and a fishy themed print on fabric (actually a place mat) that I will also be framing, hopefully soon!

Everything was so stunning and carefully made, it was torturous to choose something, but I love that there are so many talented artists out there!

cleverbirdbanter_masabelaneni_5 cleverbirdbanter_masabelaneni_6 cleverbirdbanter_masabelaneni_7


For more pics and info, check out their Facebook page and show them some love <3

Caversham Textiles – beautiful prints on my doorstep!

A few weekends ago I visited the nearby Caversham Textiles during their Marathon Pop-Up Weekend to check out what the vibe was and find out more about their beautiful printed fabri. Was happy to feast my eyes on so many beautiful colours options and patterns – all hand printed onto locally-sourced 100% Cotton Twill and ready to be made into all sorts of homeware and decor deliciousness! Fabric is sold by the metre and designs can be custom printed in any of their available colours – check out my pics below and for more info, visit 

cleverbirdbanter_caversham-textiles_6A beautiful, light and airy work space / studio…

cleverbirdbanter_caversham-textiles_5This goldy-ochre colour has my name all over it!

cleverbirdbanter_caversham-textiles_4Not all earthy and neautral! These beautiful brights will definitely take center stage in any environment.

cleverbirdbanter_caversham-textiles_7Inspired by nature…

cleverbirdbanter_caversham-textiles_8Cute and quirky birdies – LOVE!

cleverbirdbanter_caversham-textiles_9Most excited about this find – taking note for when we redo some of the lighting at home – thanks to our high ceilings we can afford to go BIG and these shades are just grand!

cleverbirdbanter_caversham-textiles_3Fabric buckets! ‘Organisers’ dream!

cleverbirdbanter_caversham-textiles_2There really is something for everyone here…

cleverbirdbanter_caversham-textiles_1Printing display – this is my FAVOURITE print from their entire collection – envisioning it on a reupholstered arm chair, swoon!

Lovely ‘Market Food’ Book Launch at Nicolsons

Keri, Nicola and I had lovely catch up at the Market Food book launch held at the Nicolson’s Country Cafe in Hilton, last night.

Market Food is a collaboration between mum, Dianne Stewart, and her two daughters, Lissa Stewart and Jessica Cairns, and the beautifully collated book features recipes, photographs and stories from market food vendors all over South Africa!


All photos in the book were taken by Lissa, who I connected with online recently after she bought some You Biscuit! Colouring Posters to give as favours to some of the younger guests at her upcoming wedding (how cool is that?!)

Food served during the event was recreated from recipes in the book by Nicolson’s chef, Jonty, while his lovely wife Tanya held the fort outside of the kitchen, making sure all guests were properly looked after.


Between courses, we heard more about the book and from one of the featured vendors themselves, local company Kish Mish who make all sorts of Persian-inspired delights!

Such a great evening with like-minded people – always feel inspired afterwards – and if the food we tasted was anything to go by, you probably need this recipe book in your life! (Available at select Exclusive Book stores)

For the love of stationery…

Attention all stationery lovers – droolworthy treats from CityGirl Searching (all the way from South Korea!) now available in store at The Ruby Orchard. Purchased an adorable notebook, sticky notes, pen and pencil last week and just had to go back for MORE yesterday!

Am I a complete nerd to be obsessed with the fact that the notebooks have narrow lines (to fit more in on my daily to do list!) and that the thin nibs make the pens so lovely to write with?!


For those not in KZN, grab some directly from Roxy’s online store:


A long overdue visit to Ardmore Ceramics

The world-renowned Ardmore studio creates a range of functional, quality ceramic and non-ceramic products including dinnerware, tapestries, furniture, fabrics for soft furnishings and more, with distinctive imagery and styling that make them totally unique and amazingly beautiful.



I can’t remember when I first came across Ardmore but I’ve wanted to visit it’s existing home on the Meander since we’ve been back in SA and I’ve never quite gotten round to it – small kids and beautiful ceramics do not mix and that’s pretty much been my life for the past 3 years – but thanks to a spot of load shedding a few Friday’s ago, I finally managed to tick it off my to do list.

Ardmore headquarters is situated in the Caversham Valley area of the KZN Midlands – studio, museum, gallery and offices in the most picturesque surroundings imaginable – most fitting for the beautiful work they create.


Uplifting and empowering it’s local artists, and the community, have been a priority for Ardmore since it was established by Fée Halsted in the 80s. Artists are given training, direction, materials, a studio and a guaranteed market for their work, supported by a skilled marketing and administrative team.

Ardmore has always had an open door policy towards people who want to learn and develop their creative talent and earn a sustainable income through art. In addition Ardmore assists the artists by cooking a nutritious meal each day and providing healthcare. Training programmes have included life skills, financial planning, health and HIV-Aids awareness.

(Read more about the story of Ardmore and it’s incredible artists on their website)

It may sound completely ridiculous but I was quite overcome with emotion upon entering the gallery and museum. The workmanship and detail in each piece is out of this world. The imagery, design style and colours speak to me, and I love how there is such a strong focus on the stories behind each artist… The most touching (sad) part was seeing the portraits of deceased artists displayed all over the walls, many of them having died from illnesses related to HIV Aids which is so prevalent in many of our local communities here in SA.



artists1 artists2 artists3

Visiting the current makers just outside the gallery and museum was an absolute highlight – to see works in progress, hear their stories, watch them as they threw, molded and sculptured wet clay. Just amazing!

wet-clay-1 wet-clay-2 wet-clay-3 wet-clay-4 wet-clay-5

If you have any interest whatsoever in South African art – you MUST go there next time you are in the area, well worth a visit. Totally saving up now to start my own Ardmore collection at home ;)


Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse – just go there, trust me!

Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse is easily the physical representation of my idea of heaven on earth – beautiful scenery, complete peacefulness, delicious food and wine! It completely exceeded my expectations food and service-wise, and I literally cannot wait to go back one day (hopefully very) soon!

This is the opening blurb on the Cleopatra website:

“Within a decade, Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse has earned global renown as a romantic gourmet getaway. Nestled in the heart of the KwaZulu-Natal Drakensberg, we are a luxury, gourmet lodge dedicated to sumptuous food and rustic luxury. With just 11 rooms we are a haven for those looking to break away from their fast-paced life to enjoy mountain walks, roaring log fires, 7 course dinners and time for relaxation and pampering…”

You tell me right now that you don’t want to jump in a car (or a chopper, even faster!) and go there immediately?!

After a beautiful morning spent at HIghmoor Nature Reserve last Sunday – a fishing treat for my dear husband as a birthday gift – Part Two of our child-free adventure for the day was our reservation for a four-course gourmet lunch at Cleopatra.

Feast your eyes on the homely decor, stunning views and delectable delights we had to endure during our visit – tough life, I tell you…

Cleverbirdbanter_Cleopatra1Cleverbirdbanter_Cleopatra3 Cleverbirdbanter_Cleopatra2  Cleverbirdbanter_Cleopatra4 Cleverbirdbanter_Cleopatra5Cleverbirdbanter_Cleopatra14 Cleverbirdbanter_Cleopatra15 Cleverbirdbanter_Cleopatra16 Cleverbirdbanter_Cleopatra17Cleverbirdbanter_Cleopatra9Cleverbirdbanter_Cleopatra6Cleverbirdbanter_Cleopatra8Cleverbirdbanter_Cleopatra13Cleverbirdbanter_Cleopatra10 Cleverbirdbanter_Cleopatra11 Cleverbirdbanter_Cleopatra12Cleverbirdbanter_Cleopatra18

I must say a special thanks to Phillipa, Ashley and the team who looked after us for the entirety of our visit – making it even more memorable for hubby (whom they know through business) by spoiling him with an amazing chocolate cake for his birthday! These personal touches are what makes a place like Cleopatra successful, special and unique – so appreciated :)

PS. Check out the Hospice recipe book (Feast: The Midlands) that I designed, right there next to the well-known Cleopatra recipe book ;) Was quite chuffed to spot that in the in-house gift shop, LOL!