St Anne’s Diocesan College – a privilege

Saw this on FB recently and thought I’d share – very privileged to have attended this amazing school (which I hope I will be able to afford to send my girls to when they are older!) It’s also where Hubby and I got married <3

(Some funny school memories recorded in this old post for those interested…)


PS. they taught us to spell better than they have in the title of this video, I promise! [Update since publishing: spelling error has been amended, well done whoever spotted it!]

PPS. I’ve thanked you before, but thank you again Mom and Dad, I know how hard you worked to send me there <3

Homegrown Creatives – Mini Interview with Heather from Skinny laMinx

I know it’s a Wednesday and my Homegrown Creatives features usually come out on a Friday, but thought I’d treat you all to a midweek mini interview with one of my very favourite creatives, Heather Moore from Skinny laMinx. Heather is a self taught illustrator and designer and started Skinny laMinx as a hobby in 2006. Her prints, textiles and designs can be found all over the world and she has recently launched an amazing wallpaper collaboration project with Robyn Sprong…


Where do you look for inspiration?

I keep a sketchbook with me constantly, and am always drawing things I see. I also take photos, which I find helps me to take note of what it is that I’m noticing. My Instagram and Pinterest accounts are useful things for me to look back on, as they reveal patterns of interest that I then explore further.

Who are your creative idols?

There are so many people whose creative ideas and output I admire, but I think because my own creative path has led me in the business direction, I’m particularly impressed with Paul Smith, who seems to have managed to be enormously creative, while apparently effortlessly building a major brand. What impresses me most is that he seems to be having a great deal of fun with it too!

Given the opportunity, where would you like to travel/explore?

I was in Tokyo with my husband last year, and loved it more than I could have imagined. I’d truly love to return and to explore the length and breadth of Japan. For months, if possible!

How does a typical day for you play out?

On the whole, my days are busy, productive, varied and interesting. My husband (artist Paul Edmunds – see and I wake up early, then exercise or meditate (or just drink tea) then head out for coffee together before heading to our respective studios. There’s a good-size team at Skinny laMinx these days, so my day often starts with a meeting with my business partner, or shop manager, and then it’s all about emails, meetings, and other deadlines. I try to take time out of my week to devote to creative work, because if I’m not careful, the business side of things swallows everything up! So I try to reserve Fridays as my “making day”.

With a day all to yourself (no work, meetings, distractions, to-do-lists) and an unlimited budget, what would you get up to?

I’m a pretty simple creature. On a free day, I like to read, go to a yoga class, have a glass of wine with lunch, and just to hang out at home.

If you’d like to stalk Heather like I do, find her on the interwebs here:


And finally, some amazing pics of from Heathers Instagram feed / website / blog… {swoon!}

slideshow-1slideshow-131e976d92a5f611e3ae51126993c4de79_8slideshow-521cebaf6a86c11e3ac2412fc0c5d6ea6_8Skinny-laMinx-for-Robin-Sprong-2a039e604ba6911e3b8d2126f3d3312b1_8slideshow-12{ all pics from Skinny laMinx website / blog / instagram feed }



Skill Swapping / Exchange of Trade – the way forward!

I have always been a fan of swapping skills/services where fair and beneficial to both parties, so was thrilled when Colleen from Midlands House of Healing accepted my offer to do some design work for her in exchange for some healing/massage therapy sessions.

Skill swapping / exchange of trade is a great way for low-budget start-ups, small business, freelancers and non-profits to get what they need and share their own knowledge/skills, all while creating a name for themselves as they go along: now that Colleen knows I’m a local designer (with whom she’s had a good experience), when she hears of someone needing creative assistance, she might be more inclined to refer me, and vice versa after I have experienced her magical touch! (I actually first heard about Colleen through referal from Keri at Midlands Musings – power to Word of Mouth!)

The design side of things for this exchange project is well under way and thought I’d share my progress so far:




NEW LOGO (+ sneak peek at one of the proposed website images/elements)

d736761cca3211e3b7500002c9df51de_8As you can see, I tried to maintain the original elements – the vibrancy of colour and the healing-energy-reiki-hand vibe – I just neatened it up and gave it new life. I know that Colleen is happy with it and from what I can see on FB and Instagram etc – it’s been well received all round which makes me very pleased.

Keep an eye out for more updates :)

In the meantime, get swapping – the best part is that there are no rules and the worst that can happen if you make and offer to someone is that they will decline and you lose nothing. Worth a try!

Would love to hear more about exchange projects that worked out well for you?

Homegrown Creatives: meet Neil from The Streets Furniture Company

I know I’m a day late with this post but thought you’d all forgive me for taking a day off yesterday, it being Good Friday and all ;)

I’d like to introduce local woodworking champ, Neil from The Streets Furniture Company. I first came across Neil’s work via The Ruby Orchard (where he has some items on show/for sale) and love his contemporary style…


Who are you and what do you do / make / sell?

My name is Neil Du Plessis and I own ‘The Streets Furniture’, we do custom furniture and commissions, focusing particularly on using weathered/reclaimed timber and combining it with metal work to create an industrial modern look.

Did you always know that you were headed in this direction – how did you get where you are today?

I’ve always had a passion for creating, I studied and have been involved with music since my teens, so that’s where I started but my father is in the timber business so I’ve always had a knowledge of timber and some of the ins and outs of how the industry works. After studying, I was looking for a new creative outlet, people asked I said yes and I now I own a business.

What makes your work / products / services unique?

I guess it’s the fact that most woodworkers are looking for the perfect piece of timber to make the perfect piece of furniture out of. I on the other hand get most excited about the imperfections in wood, its the cracks, the knots, the checks and the spalting of weathered timber that makes me most excited. The combination of that aesthetic with the clean lines of steel are very complimentary.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Blogs, Facebook, coffee shops, my clients ideas.

Who are your creative idols?

Steve Jobs, George Nakashima, Thom Yorke

Where do you like to hang out – what are your favorite spots in your town/city/country?

I love the Natal Midlands but any good coffee shop or beautifully designed space will work.

Given the opportunity, where would you like to travel/explore?

Scandinavia with out a doubt.

How does a typical day for you play out?

I also teach music part time so if I’m not doing that, me and my colleague Sandile will be in the workshop creating, building, scheming and cleaning up sawdust.

With a day all to yourself (no meetings, distractions, to-do-lists) and an unlimited budget, what would you get up to?

It would start with a surf in perfect weather, follow by some fine dining and traveling around a beautiful European city ending off by watching a concert by my favorite bands.

If you could have any other profession, what would it be?

I have always wanted to do what I’m doing now :)

Where can we stalk you? or mail me

What does your workspace / studio look like?

My parents have a small holding in Ashburton, so I converted the garages into my workshop on their property – it’s a little cramped but will have to do for now.

What it the work/design/product/project you are most proud of to date?

I’d have to say my hairpin furniture, it’s clean and beautiful but extremely simple in design. I saw the idea on tumblr and thought it would definitely be something that people in South Africa would appreciate. Other that that, I just completed a 6,5 meter shelf installation made from pine tree slabs which still possessed the live edge of the trunk, I really enjoy that sort of work and would like to pursue more of it.

999929_562611023821138_349756939_n1911777_600381780044062_502404888_n copy10014568_591513884264185_815149768_n1960086_583819451700295_62881431_n1410844_539338392815068_1330789041_o1607108_571167352965505_911932852_n996774_555279811220926_207001711_n1920488_598006926948214_945708879_n copy1525530_562610997154474_1569746170_n541913_600010936747813_1116321030_n

{ all pics from The Street Facebook page / Instagram feed }


Competition: WIN! R2500 Fashion Voucher with Mr Price

After so many years of online shopping during my time in the UK (I practically bought EVERYTHING online), it delights me to see a functioning and easy to navigate site like Mr Price’s relatively new online shopping portal. Seriously, a lot of retailers in this country are getting it so wrong, it’s quite frightening…

I have yet to put in an order for myself, but maybe I’ll win the amazing competition they are hosting at the moment – R2500 shopping vouchers up for grabs – a girl can dream, right ;)

I’m waiting to lose a bit more of my baby weight (check out my progress here) before I hit the shops for a whole new wardrobe, but when I do, here’s what’s on my shopping list:


Loving the popular denim and floral print trend at the moment (cant go wrong with denim!) and it’s a perfect look for the up coming winter!

Click here if you would like the chance to WIN a R2500 Fashion Voucher with Mr Price

e38ad4922acc41d8676531f4f726b38f300x250_rsa (4)

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Door Knob DIY Inspiration

Those who follow me on Pinterest will have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of home decor related pins that I have pinning lately – I’m talking EXCESSIVE! Something big is on the horizon for my little family and will share all in a blog post soon ;)

In the meantime, thought I’d share some door knob DIY inspiration – how stunning are these New Wechsler Fired Earth Door Knobs and Hooks?! Loving the glass ones especially and have so many ideas of how I can use them on some DIY projects in the future!

312 4


Firstly, turn to your trusty friend Pinterest for inspiration…

463bc8b30a39b806d60963861d254416DIY Door Knob Coat Rack


picture-206DIY Door Knob Jewellery Organiser

diy-door-knob-beauty-jars-mis-kris-glitter-n-glue-organize-glueDIY Door Knob Beauty Jars

blogger-image-1020691118DIY Door Knob Curtain Tie Back-

Fired Earth Door Knobs and Hooks are available in an array of styles, finishes, textures and colours – prices starting from R114.99, exclusively available at selected Builders Warehouse stores.
Importer details: New Wechsler Kate Oakley – 011 445 3393

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How to make a bloggers day!

Nothing pleases a blogger more than feeling ‘heard’ through feedback from readers/followers.

On Thursday, my day was made by the simple gesture of an email (click on image to enlarge):thank you from reader

I’m not trying to blow my own horn by sharing these amazing, kind words, but just wanted to say thanks to this special reader for taking the time out to contact me, and to the rest of you who share your thoughts, encouragement and experiences by engaging with me on Twitter/Facebook and/or by commenting on my posts – it’s very much appreciated, probably more than you know :)

Happy weekend x


Homegrown Creatives: meet Alexia from Klomp Ceramics

“What do you love to do? Mr Klompje asked his wife Alexia. A simple question not always so simple to answer. “Ceramics” said the voice in her dream that night, and that part of herself was awoken” - an introduction borrowed from Klomp Ceramics website, the online home of ceramicist Alexia Klompje, today’s featured Homegrown Creative… enjoy x


Who are you and what do you do / make / sell?

I am a stylist, wife, survivor, woman, proud Cape Townian, and I make and sell handmade ceramics that tell my story.

Did you always know that you were headed in this direction – how did you get where you are today?

I think I subconsciously did. I’ve always loved ceramics and working with clay and looking back at my life I realise it was always the thing I really loved to do – it was always with me, a natural past of me. Klomp Ceramics happened at the right time – a time in which I needed to heal, change, grow, express myself.

What makes your work / products / services unique?

I think the fact that Klomp Ceramics is very personal, in work/product/service is what makes it unique. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and an expression of myself. As a collection, the pieces tell my story. I like to relate to each of my customers personally, whether it’s them popping into my home studio to purchase a unique handmade piece or receiving their purchase in a personally hand wrapped package, I see each exchange as a beautiful opportunity to inspire and connect with others.

Where do you look for inspiration?

I look everywhere! Through my life experiences I’ve learnt how to really open my eyes and see everything. On a day-to-day basis I’m inspired by my surroundings. Shadows, buildings, colours, textures…really anything goes! I’m also greatly inspired by what I’m going through and exploring internally at any given time.

Who are your creative idols?

I can’t say that I’m really the kind of person to have idols but I am inspired by a myriad of creatives out there. No one in particular. I can really appreciate everyone’s creativity, and believe that creativity is everywhere. Just living one’s life is a creative endeavour.

Where do you like to hang out – what are your favorite spots in your town/city/country?

I am lucky enough to live right in the centre of Cape Town CBD and like to hang out here the best! Even when I’m quiet at home, the buzz of the city is ever present. I love it. I spend a lot of time in The Company Gardens (which is really my backyard) and walking on Table Mountain with my husband Theo and Boston Terrier Bruce Lee.

Given the opportunity, where would you like to travel/explore?

I was a bit of a traveling gypsy in my twenties! I’d love to return to Brazil – one of my favourite places on Earth. I spent some time there about 10 years ago and miss it so much. I’m half Greek so always feel a slight soul pull to Europe – I’d love to explore more of Italy and Croatia next time I’m there.  And I definitely feel my future holds a little exploration into India and the East.

How does a typical day for you play out?

I wake up early, jump straight into my studio where I spend the day blissfully elbows deep in clay with Bruce Lee by my side, punctuated by a midday walk in the Company Gardens, until my husband returns home in the evening and we three go walking on the mountain. Obviously there is the occasional admin session but I try to get those over with as quickly as possible!

With a day all to yourself (no meetings, distractions, to-do-lists) and an unlimited budget, what would you get up to?

I’d be doing exactly what I’m doing now. Definitely with a shopping spree, pamper session and travel holiday thrown in there every now and again!

If you could have any other profession, what would it be?

Professional ballerina. Or fashion designer.

Where can we stalk you?

You can shop and visit Klomp Ceramics at From there you can stalk me via Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, catch up on Latest News, or contact me via email.

What does your workspace / studio look like?

It’s a happy, messy, wonderful space with one of the best views in Cape Town.

What it the work/design/product/project you are most proud of to date?

I’m very proud of Klomp Ceramics in it’s entirety – what it means to me, how it inspires myself and others, what each piece and every collection represents, it’s honesty.

1463594_256238914534076_1699321774_n Bold-Vases _K_L0683SampP-WebPattern-Plates8ad2547d1ef3560a605b3c5cab604004Geometric-Platters 18a5ca605ec08af0858ecd744bcf8ad2Urban-Tribe-Web-1

#DBNbloggermeet (or Durban Bloggers Meet Up for those who dont speak hashtag)

The bloggers event I went to this past Saturday has left me in a state of complete happy-shock:

a) so many AWESOME people
b) incredibly GENEROUS sponsors, and
c) FAB venue and complimentary lunch (thank you Hashtag!)

It was obviously great to meet so many of the bloggers I have been following/interacting with for a while now (as well as finding some awesome new people to stalk) and I’m still speechless about the goodie bags and treats we all received!

It wasn’t only a networking event but an opportunity for introduction to new things – we heard about the benefits of veganism from the amusing Fry’s Guy, we had a demonstration by Lenovo on their Yoga tablet (I’m in love!) and we had a talk by Mandy from Kitten Action, a small local cat charity (to whom each blogger donated R50 and some cat food, whoop whoop!)

I think there is only thing left to say and after that I will let my photos do the talking:

Thank-You(not only to our kind sponsors [see below] but to Veruschka, Michelle & Nicola who organised the entire thing!)


Daily Fix

Have all you ladies signed up for Daily Fix“the new online home of Fairlady, Home and Ideas magazines, who have pooled their resources to create a beautiful online meeting place for stylish women.”

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 7.47.18 AM

All our favourite SA mags, right? (Well, not quite ALL of them but certainly a great combination!)

It’s basically a Pinterest style collection of all things JOYOUS! You can select the categories you are interested in and sign up for email newsletters (your, ahem, daily fix) – think crafts, fashion, food, decor and more – or you can just visit the website regularly and visit the links you fancy. Beautiful photos and loads of great ideas, recipes, tips etc.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 7.57.57 AM
Such a clever idea – and there’s even a shopping option (via Spree – something I’m trying not to explore too enthusiastically on account of a poorly bank balance!)

Happy browsing x