1 Year Today & Counting: London 2012 Olympics Design

In a year’s time today in London Town, the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games will be taking place! Very excitipating! In celebration, I’ve collected a few 2012 pics that showcase Olympic design at its best (and worst!)… Enjoy x

The logo we all LOVE to HATE! {image}

The Torch {image}

Offical Royal Mail Stamps, not to bad IMO… {image}

The Official Mascots: Wenlock and Mandeville (interesting, but still – WTF?!) {image}

AWESOME posters – finally starting to do something right! {image}

Velodrome – look forward to seeing more of the buildings upon completion {images}

Pictograms – silhouette and dynamic line drawing versions, quite like {image}

50p coins (my coin collecting hubby is going to have a field day with these!) {image}

Venue Map {image}

Clever ad concept!

5 thoughts on “1 Year Today & Counting: London 2012 Olympics Design

  1. kovo says:

    I worked for Expedition Engineering who designed the Velodrome it’s an inspired building. Awesome to see all the interest and another shortlist of their work for the Stirling pirze

    • Andrea says:

      NICE! I actually saw that they were on the SP shortlist – very cool, looks like a nice company to work for too!

  2. Meg Pascoe says:

    I must admit that I LOVE the mascots – I think they are just too cute!!!

    But that logo?!? WTF???


  3. Andrea says:

    The logo is terrible, agreed! I cant say we are on the same page with the mascots, they are super weird BUT 10 out of 10 for originality I guess! x


    Informative article ! I am thankful for the analysis – Does anyone know if my assistant would be able to locate a template 2014 UK SET(O) form to use ?

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